From the proven R9.3 boots developed by and for World Cup athletes, to the Junior R Pro 60, the Tecnica race collection has boots for all levels of racing - beer league included! Incredible fit, power and response will let you stomp the race course or slay the black diamonds. 

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The R9.3 boots offer pure World Cup performance with a lace up liner and a 93mm, low volume last. Pure power. Pure performance. Watch for these boots on the podium this winter!


The Race collection offers a more anatomical, 95mm and 98mm, low volume last in various flexes for racers, pro’s and high performance, hard charging skiers. With awesome performance, sensitivity and power to the edge, you can take on any race course or terrain with confidence.  


Junior racers come in all shapes, strengths and sizes, and the Junior race collection is designed so that there is a boot for every level. The R9.5 90 (95mm last and 90 flex) features a lower cuff and is ideal for the “tweener” racer. For the smaller junior racers, the R Pro 70 and 60 fit the junior anatomy perfectly and allow them to access their potential.