• Color: T. Gold_Black
    Sizes: 23.0-27.5 MP


    Last:103mm: C - E Widths

    3 Density Technology
    PCS Liner System
    Viva PCS Footbed
    Viva Heel Cradle
    Ski-Walk Device
    Progressive Flex System
    NEW Mega Alu Micro Buckles
    Easy Move Cuff Catch
    Triple Position Cuff Catches
    Hinged Instep Catch
    Viva Flared Scalloped Calf
    Viva Calf Adapter Construction
    Viva Velvet Fur Lining

    Tongue Handle Pull Strap
    Viva UltraFit Liner

3 Density Technology is a combination of two different (soft & hard) plastics that create 3 different zones of hardness within the shell. In the Dragon Series, 3D is designed for power and strength by utilizing more hard than soft materials. An asymmetric design delivers more power to the edge. In Phoenix it addresses both power and entry & exit using more soft material than the Dragon. Within Mega, the primary emphasis is to make entry & exit easy by using the most soft material of the three variations.

P.C.S. combines changes to the last, liner and footbed. The liner utilizes a thicker, slow memory ethafoam that offers a very comfortable, cushioning fit. The extra room in the shell last also allows for a thicker, multi-layered footbed. The result is extreme comfort as well as enhanced shock absorption.

All Viva liners utilize lasts of women’s feet to create the best fitting boots. A narrower heel pocket and wider forefoot offer a well wrapping, anatomic fit.
All Viva models offer the ability to snap a heel wedge onto the bootboard for those female skiers who have difficulty keeping their hips forward. A 2.5mm wedge comes with the boots and can be used or not. It will also act as a volume reducer for those needing added heel hold.
LIke the men’s liners, each model has a specific liner that offers various degrees of customization and performance. The Viva liners feature a velvet fur lining that enhances comfort and provides a quick drying and warmer liner.
PrimaLoft®, an insulating and wicking technical material, is found in the footbed and toe box of the Viva Dragon (100 & 90) and Phoenix (100 & 90) models. Optimized moisture management enhances warmth and comfort.
Both the liners and the spoilers feature a lower scalloped design which allows versatility to fit various calf sizes.
The Viva Inferno, Dragon and Phoenix models offer a velcro rear spoiler that allows you to easily adjust the spoiler for personalization. It can be moved to different positions, or removed altogether.
Calf Adapter construction is found in the upper collar of the liners of the Viva Dragon, Phoenix and Mega models. It consists of a softer material in a V cut shape on the upper sides allowing the liner collar to give and adapt to various lower leg shapes.
3D Construction in the collar of the Viva Dragon, Phoenix and Mega liners, further enhances the fit capabilities of hard to fit calves. The collar is molded 3 dimensionally in a flared position to increase room for the calf.
In addition to the Easy Move Catch, all Viva models have 3 Position Cuff Catches. This further increases adjustability for various lower leg shapes and sizes.