Shooting with Mattias Fredriksson

​Earlier this month, we commissioned Mattias Fredriksson to spend a few days with Marcus Caston, Chad Sayers and Johan Jonsson -- to capture imagery while skiing in the Swiss Alps near Engelberg, Switzerland. These are the hard worked days that fill the ski publications come late summer and fall that stir our imaginations and get us dreaming about the upcoming season. During this shoot the team experienced every kind of weather condition imaginable, but in classic fasion the sun found a way to suprise on the last day.  Everyone at Tecnica is very excited to share and explore the images that were captured during this shoot, but for now here are some words and photos from behind that shoot.

A short glimpse behind the scenes and the lens of our Photoshoot with Mattias Fredriksson.


”I have been coming to Engelberg in the Swiss Alps since 1997 and about 40 times now, but somehow I always end up with some new experiences and photos from places on the mountain I never been shooting before. This is very important so it feels fresh. Johan and I have been shooting here so much together over the years but somehow we still find new angles and places on the mountain that feels new. During the last few years we have tried hard to not repeat ourselves and that has worked out pretty good. This time around, the weather and snow conditions basically forced our group to be more creative and opportunistic than normal which in the end resulted in a lot of interesting and fresh photos that I have high hopes for. It was really cool to put this band together and I hope we can do it many more times. We work very hard but we also have a lot of fun, I hope that will reflect in the photos once they start rolling out.”                                                        

                  --Mattias Fredriksson


"I have been shooting with everyone in this group of people before, but never all together. Its been a couple of long days where we all had to be creative to get the goods, but those are the shoots I like the best! When it’s bluebird and powder every day, you tend to go for the… bluebird and powder. Now we had pretty much every kind of weather and snow conditions. Just the way skiing should be! The most inspiring thing for me, is that we’re all strong skiers, but have very different ways of expressing it. That gives me motivation to broaden the way I ski, and not just do the same thing I always do, but rather try something I see that someone else is doing."                

                 --Johan Jonsson


"There aren't a lot of times anymore that I feel like the rookie on a trip.  Mattias, Chad, and Johan are such professionals when it comes to shooting skiing it’s amazing to just sit back and watch them work.  The whole week I was constantly blown away by their level of skiing and creativity watching them make some of the highest quality ski photos in the world.  It was intimidating when it was my turn (no pun intended), and I just did my best hold my own."

                  --Marcus Caston


"When I take time to think back to all the amazing moments I've had in the mountains.... not one experience is the same! Each are unique and enlightening in there own way and it's the people we share them with that make them memorable! This past week, I've been skiing/shooting in the Swiss Alps with 2 very rad skiers and inspiring humans, Johan Johsson and Marcus Caston....

Thanks for the inspiration boys!!

                 --Chad Sayers



PHOTO GALLERY: Behind the scenes pics by Marcus Caston