Tecnica MACH1 130 wins ISPO Award 2014

Tecnica has been awarded again for its engineering excellence with the ISPO Award 2014. The MACH1 130 boot convinced the international jury of product experts.

With the MACH1 130, Tecnica raises the bar of fit, accuracy, comfort and performance. The mission has been to develop the perfect fit with the combination of the new ergonomic shape of the shell and the liner, that can be adapted to the foot in three simple steps due to Custom Adaptive Shape (C.A.S.), if necessary.

The Mach1 CAS liner provides perfect fit out-of-box , is thermo-customizable and can be even  shaped as a boot fitter would do for a shell. The exterior material around the midfoot and the ankles developed by Tecnica can be quickly grinded around the critical areas with a conventional milling tool.

Whenever additional retention is required properly tailored patches (provided by TECNICA FIT-KIT) can easily be glued on the liner to reduce the volume in the required area. The anatomically contoured shell remains untouched and maintains its stability to provide a long term high-performance and support.

Wanna get one? Contact your local Tecnica dealer for pre-orders!